Other solutions


Convenient online space that combines merchants within a single e-commerce area for multiple product categories. The basic marketplace feature is to increase sales by streamlining a purchase process. All products and vendors are located in a single place. The feature provides an expanded range with a laconic filtration by parameters (for example, a price, product specifications, etc.). The marketplace online site can allocate both partner products, adding itself new web sites in the CloudPayments' My Account interface, and then connecting them to the site, and its own production. A fully legitimate and transparent working flowchart that allows to monitor and evaluate all transactions, can be applied to any business.
In legal terms, a connection to marketplace is a very simple process: an agency contract is signed, commercial terms, namely a commission percent, are agreed. Then a scoring is done in 1 to 3 days, and you start operations.

Payment within software and social networks

A payment button can be allocated in any social network: Facebook, VKontakte, Instagram, Odnoklassniki. Payment by a card directly within an application, the card can be bound. No redirect to payment gateway form.

Purchase payment or license renewal within software.

Payment via


To make your instant payment, simply point your smartphone camera at a 

on web site or in offline shop, then a buyer phone screen will display a checkout page.